Who are we? - A Group of Risk Professionals

We are a group of risk professionals elevating business continuity, crisis management and risk training to new levels of excellence based on British and International standards, but underpinned with large slices of pragmatism
and experience.

Our team is drawn from multidisciplinary backgrounds across the risk continuum ranging from Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) to core Business Continuity and Resilience services and then moving to Safety & Security, Counter Terrorism and Hostile Environment Risk Management.

What makes us different? Experienced Practitioners of Risk Management and Business Continuity Systems

We are highly experienced practitioners who lead the field in learning, development and implementation of risk management and business continuity systems.

We specialise in responding to Regulated, Legal and Compliance requirements.

Our Principle Goals are to Provide Excellent Learning and Development Events

Cover the Risk Continuum

Provide you and your teams with excellent learning and development events to build sustainable skills and confidence.

Ensure you can successfully recover your businesses in the event of a significant interruption to your daily operations whether it results in loss of personnel, your premises or your ICT infrastructure!

6 Learning Platforms - Road To Resilience. Business Continuity Planning & Impact Analysis. ISO 22301

We do this using 6 core learning platforms with modular content and linked pathways, which can be very simply tailored to your individual requirements. These provide training, coaching, mentoring and exercising on your premises using effective and innovative approaches to learning which are all delivered by first class practitioners drawn from a variety of backgrounds.

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People Development
Leadership, Coaching & Team Building

Building Good Leadership and Relationship Skills

A team needs to pull in the same direction and for this to happen,
each individual, from the newest to the longest serving, needs to understand their role and its contribution to the team and wider organisational objectives.

Crisis Management

This is also particularly critical in crisis management terms and a vital ingredient of modern risk and media management.

Good Leadership and Strong Teams

Good leadership and strong teams come in many shapes and sizes, knowing the right style and how and when to use it is a critical leadership and relationship skill.

From Basic Confidence Building to Challenging Outdoor Events

Successfully leading a team is challenging and demanding if teams are to deliver the goods, so we offer three levels of leadership and team building from basic confidence building and bonding to challenging outdoor events.

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