The Nuclear Renaissance – Are you fit for purpose?

Guiding your company into the ‘new build’ nuclear supply chain

Industry predictions are that 230 new nuclear power stations will be built worldwide over the next 25 years. The UK alone requires around 50 new units in the long term and upwards of 70% of new jobs and business could be fulfilled by the regional manufacturing and services supply chain. With this in mind, we need to ‘raise our game’ if we are to succeed in the UK and simultaneously compete worldwide. Once in the chain, opportunities open up allowing inclusion in the industry’s international procurement process and the potential to share in £40 billion worldwide!

There is a requirement for a highly resilient supply chain; the industry demands ‘relentless predictability from its supply chain’ and ‘suitably experienced and qualified persons’ (SQEP’S) so…

  • There is heavy reliance upon accreditation to British and International Standards
    Selection for approved contractors/suppliers is rigorous and continuous
  • For new or existing suppliers to the old industry, this will still be an extremely demanding environment
  • Procurement processes and tendering through the UK Chambers of Commerce will be the norm
  • A winning supplier needs demonstrable good governance, rigor in management systems and quality, compliance with nuclear standards and transparent business resilience

So where do you think you are and what can you do next?

  • Do nothing and hope for the best in procurement process? – Not recommended!
  • Scope and address the issues in-house, assuming you have the right resource with
    the right skills and with spare capacity? – Unlikely in today’s business climate!
  • Speak to us at Leema Risk and we can:-
  • Conduct a heath check addressing over 100 key elements of your business providing a traffic light report and recommendations together with detailed feedback and requirements to get ‘Fit For Nuclear
  • Develop a structured approach to improving your overall business resilience and performance
  • Provide a pathway leading to your acquisition of the necessary industry standards and skills
  • Identify further training needs making full use of on line interactive learning @
  • Provide vital assistance for those about to complete the Fit For Nuclear process

Whether buffeted by geo-politics in North Africa, clouds of volcanic ash,
mis-management of the global economy, public disorder, electrical or flood interruptions, comprehensive risk management cultures and processes have never been more critical to winning new business
F4N and Fit For Nuclear are the trade marks of teh Nuclear AMRC/Sheffield University.

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